micron's first altmode, a custom truck by zenol leytan

micron's first altmode, a custom truck

zenol leytan

11 November 2016 at 09:29:35 MST

this is the first vehicle mode tony, aka micron chose after learning how to use his new cybertronian body, quickly finding out he had the ability of transformation like the larger bots, his new body seems to have compensated for his organic parts during his change, his head is kept in the large container right behind the drivers cab, his cab is fully functional with stearing and everything, but because of his size he doesn't have people riding inside him, this model of truck was never actually built but a detailed hologram was made taking aspecs of different models of trucks to create it, the over all frame is based on that of a standard mack truck, the cab section is from an unknown model, the tires are from a military truck, and the engine is volvo's new d13 engine used in their "white night" trucks and has been confirmed to have broken a speed record for a semi truck (i do not clame ownership of this engine model and i did not make it up, all rights for the engine belong to volvo) and sense it is part of his cybertronian body it can grow stronger with the right training.

length: 7.3 feet
whith: 3.25 feet
height: 3.5 or 4 feet tall

top speed: 120 mph/193.1 kilometers an hour
acceleration: 0-60 in 6.4 seconds
load capacity: almost 20'000 lbs/9071.8 kg
horse power: 600 hp but can be improved with training
torque raiting: 1855 lb foot torque but can be imrpooved with training

lego belongs to lego

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