tony goad aka micron, leader of the micro masters subfaction by zenol leytan

tony goad aka micron, leader of the micro masters subfaction

zenol leytan

11 November 2016 at 14:10:28 MST

(hasbro dose recolors and remolds of transformers characters all the time, so if they are allowed to do it then i must be allowed. so no complaining.)
this is my alternate persona for my head cannon universe, this is me having become a cybertronain human hybrid, no not like sari from transformers animated, may be techno organic in not totally sure on that, but more like cylas from tf prime only smaller, this incarnation of me is 7.3 feet tall and still has a human head, the helmet is actually removable and was built using cybertronian tech to protect his head during a mission, the 3 green dots are cameras and sensors, the two dots on either side of those are head mounted lights with a flash bulb function to temporarally blind opponents, he has two blasters built into his arms similar to the ones optimus uses, the swords are a different design as they have a long curved cutting blade on one end and a surrated edge on the other very much like a combat or hunting knife, he also has rocket launchers which are formed from the smoke stacks on his shoulders, also when his mouth guard is closed he sounds like kylo ren.
tech specks.
earth name: Anthony goad.
adopted name: micronus, or micron as he is commonly called.
height: 7.3 feet
strengths: small size, fast, agile, doesn't need air, can go at least 3 times longer without water and food then a human, is resistant to most of
earth's deadliest poisons, can easily sneak through enemy lines and avoid detection.
weakness's: dose not last as long as normal cybertronians when exposed to dark energon (think superman and kryptonite.) and his strength will
quickly be stunted as well as his speed and reflex's, requires rest after long periods of activity (driving, flying, fighting, stuff like that.) requires a regeneration pod to heal his two biology's at once and is vulnerable during this, requires custom made tires when his blow out and they are expensive to produce, and often requires physical training to keep his joints from seazing up from his organic oils till his body adapts to them, is vulnerable to the desease cosmic rust (for more info on cosmic rust see ), is vulnerable to high power magnets.
companion: caretaker minicon spanner, a 4 armed tracked model similar to fixit, only a light metallic blue.
accessories: built in computer system from leytan electronics, onboard crystal memory data core, long range subspace radio, standard issue sound system linked to onboard computer, and high power breaking system, a portable holoprojector for personal entertainment (found at your local walmart for only $38.94, on sale now!) and for visual comunication, a custom made helmet build by spanner that contains multi spectrum optical sensors (with similar effects to the preditor mask.) and also the ability to transform into a smaller form factor for storage.
remaining organics: head, part of spinal cord.
new organs: cybertronian stomach, energon pump, modified energon, empty spark chamber, Tcog.
implanted tech: two blasters, two swords, one onboard super computer, one onboard crystal storage drive, one holo projector.
removable tech: one helmet, one training holodrone.
cybertronian ability: tripple changing, partial scanning (scanning another vehicle and copying only one aspect. paint job for example.),
non transformers skills(inclusion optional): advansed ninja training, sage mode, ability to use ninjutsu.
energon modifications: a very unique chemical structure that generates oxygen and helps the cells in the energon transfer nutriants through the body, a useless chemical to normal cybertronians as they don;t need oxygen or food and is highly abundant on many planets, but is so rare on earth to the point it doesn't exist.
back story coming soon.
vehicle modes:
mode 1: custom truck: aquired after 6 months of training and learning how his body works
mode 2: modivied f_302 fighter: aquired after a year of training, study, designing, planning, and learning how a flyer uses their alt mode so well.
original artwork belongs to :iconsolarstormflare:
micron owned by me.
transformers are owned by hasbro

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