All Five by Zaseishin

All Five
-by Zaseishin

I feel hands that are not my own
They are smaller
They are softer
And they are more comforting than my own

I hear a voice that is not my own
It is farther
It is lovelier
And it is more musical than my own

I smell a scent that is not my own
It is flowerier
It is sweeter
And it is more inviting than my own

I see eyes that are not my own
They are deeper
They are smarter
And they are more beautiful than my own

I taste lips that are not my own
They are softer
They are warmer
And they are yours

All Five


30 January 2014 at 23:53:48 MST

I'm normally not a poetic person. While I was an English Major I never really cared to read or write for myself. Anyway, I was thinking of Velute earlier this week and a line or two of this went through my mind. I grabbed it, wrote it down, and sent it to her. She liked it <3

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