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Tropical Coffee by Zaphkiellane

Tropical Coffee


25 December 2018 at 18:15:28 MST

Name: Sileenah Cardamom Coffee
usually asks to be called Coffee

Species: prevost squirrel ( Callosciurus prevostii) type Ba'eve

Coffee : Look at me I'm Carmen Miranda!
And, also you are out of fruit.

Me: Are those tomatoes?

Coffee : Tomatoes are fruits, and so are avocados, and you should probably make this into guacamole or it is gunna go bad. I had to stick pins through all this fruit to make it stick to the hat.

Me: I see you also killed my birds-of-paradise and ginger plants to make that thing. Oh look, there is a lizard in your hat!

Coffee : That's even better! Look at me I'm Frida Kahlo!