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Coffee's Hobbies by Zaphkiellane

Coffee's Hobbies


Name: Sileenah Cardamom Coffee
usually asks to be called Coffee

Species: prevost squirrel ( Callosciurus prevostii) type Ba'eve

Coffee is a very free spirited and eccentric young woman... Or possibly a lunatic who is a danger to her self and others. You can decide for your self.

She originally stated that the reason for these activities was in protest of the fact most humans confused her with actual squirrels and don't acknowledge her humanity. So she came up with titles for petty squirrel themed crimes and acts of vandalism she would commit around the neighborhood.

Several people have responded by spraying her with a water hose or shooting at her with a sling shot. Some just call the police.

I tried to tell her that the entire premise is ridiculous. That acting like a squirrel in protest of being confused with one is counter productive. She said she knows that but now simply enjoyed doing these things.

The worst of these is probably "Attic Mystery Adventures " that involves her breaking into people's attics while they aren't home wearing a black turtle neck and ski cap and digging through all their stuff. I don't think she steals things but I wouldn't put it past her. I told her this was dangerous and illegal but she insists "there is neat stuff in there people are freaks!"

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