Prey by Zaezar



9 October 2019 at 17:11:03 MDT

Who is the real villain?

PREY is a game that puts you in the shows of a man with no memory. You had made a robot before undergoing the tests that caused you to lose your memory, saying that if something went wrong, to blow up the entire station. But as you go about that action you are given evidence that that may not be the whole case. That there is something you didn't tell yourself, or that someone is lying to you. By the end you genuinely don't know who is the bad guy. Who is more scared. Who deserves to die.

This is made in honor of us beating PREY in our stream last week. I would have had it sooner but hey, Furaffinity United and all that. Its seriously an awesome game and I highly recommend it if you are even remotely interested. If you want to see what we get up to in our future titles and see what the art is we make of those then please consider checking out our streams over on

Character © Zaezar
Artwork © Zaezar
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    This is really neat with the glass and dual “reflection” pose of the characters! :)

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      Whats interesting is that originally it was going to be an exact mirror. But i had messed up the alien side and made it different. I wanted it to seem like a duality scene and because of that error is lost the "mirror" thing. Which is better in my mind since I wanted the alien to really be its own creature, not a supposed mirror of the main character!

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        It did work out pretty well in that direction! That’s for sure! :D

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    I really like the effects here!

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      I layered so much to make it happen like it is! Still looks wildly different from the normal Typhon. But it works and sells the look anyways.