Patreon November Wallpaper | Warm Weather by Zaezar

Patreon November Wallpaper | Warm Weather


24 December 2018 at 03:15:45 MST

I wanted an excuse to draw some waves and warmer weather. Though it does have this almost has a cool ocean feel to it, not the harsh beach scene with a strong sun. Nah, we got this cool weather rocks to explore.

This is last month's Patreon voted wallpaper. I wanted to draw a warm weather scene and people voted on Viola! If you want to vote for next month's wallpaper you can support me at any tier. Though to get access to it early you will have to be at $5 or above~

If you want to download THIS wallpaper though (or check out any of them in the past to download) you can see it here: If you support you can get access to THIS month's wallpaper right away. It's a digital watercolor piece!

Character © Zaezar
Box Sharks © Zaezar
Artwork © Zaezar
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    This is a great landscape pic. :)

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      Secretly this was an excuse to draw a landscape, thinly veiled as a pinup piece

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        whatever the heart leads you to draw is awesome