Doorboss by Zaezar



5 November 2018 at 11:24:41 MST

Well fuck you too then.

Dead Space 2 is a legitimately fantastic game and I encourage people to give it a try if you ever get the chance. Dead Space 1, however, was the worst port to PC I've ever seen. Even having to restart the game multiple times at the beginning just so we can get through a door. We have called it "Doorboss" as it was the true first boss of the game. So for my Dead Space 2 fanart, I decided to draw something related to Doorboss, since we see it multiple times in our adventures.

This was drawn for my Adventure format of streams. We play a game each week until we beat it, then draw some fanart of said game and our adventure in it. Starting today we are going back to Subnautica and and hopefully we can beat it soon! Such a pretty game!

First time meeting Doorboss in DS1

Character © Zaezar
Artwork © Zaezar
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    That's very sad that the doors won't even let you go probably get killed. Hey--maybe they're just trying to save your lives? XD

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      In the game, what happens is when you open the door a Necromorph jumps down on a screaming man and kills him, then goes after you next. It might very well be saving me!

      (Though the glitch is that the Necromorph doesn't spawn, the guy dies, and the door breaks and even though its open you can't pass. It's not fully accurate but whatever the idea of a door trying to save me is funny so I accept it)

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        The door is a hero! chuckle

        That sounds like such a weird glitch! XD