Box Shark Adoptable: Splatter by Zaezar

Box Shark Adoptable: Splatter


27 October 2018 at 17:39:48 MDT

That is his skin pattern! Not actually covered in blood I swear. Up for adoption for only $20!

Splatter is a unique Box Shark. He's the first one that is not pure Box Shark that I've made for adoption! Part thresher makes him thin, tall, and whippy. As in he will happily whip things with his tail to see how far they go. Hope he doesn't get a feeling to hit you. I hear it hurts pretty badly...

Comment below if you want to buy him! Buying this will get you the unwatermarked image at a larger size. This is a first come first serve system between Furaffinity, Deviantart, and Weasyl. You are allowed to fill in the blanks. So things like gender (if not specified in the image), history, and personality are yours to decide. You can even change the name if you want to!

He has not been adopted yet.

Splatter not for you but still interested in Box Sharks? I have more in my adoptable folder! You are not required to buy one. They are an open species and you are free to make one yourself if you choose to! In the Adoptable folder I have a page of info for the Box Sharks to get you started~

Box Sharks © Zaezar
Art © Zaezar

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