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How to make your own Inkrin by Zaezar

How to make your own Inkrin


After a lot of work, I have released a new custom species. Inkrin are beings made entirely out of ink! They sleep in their home inkwell, can stain with any surface of their body, and are hurt by water. Each one is unique, from the combination of horns, tails, fluff, ink, and even personality!

Inkrin are an open species. You are entirely allowed to make your own. This is a guide to help you do just that! You can ask any questions about them below and I will get to them. If it's frequent or important enough I will add it to the list at the bottom~

There is a second reference page, if you are looking on how to draw an Inkrin as well as other information regarding their care, check out this:

If you make one then post it below! I wanna see!

Common questions:
Q: "Can an Inkrin be multicolored?"
A: Yes, so long as the ink they are made out of can be those colors too! There is multicolored ink and ink that changes color as it dries. All the "stages" of an ink are fair use to color your Inkrin. Mixing different inks is NOT allowed for an Inkrin.

Q: "Do I HAVE to use a real ink?"
A: No not at all. You can make up something, maybe even give it some flavor by making up a brand and color. However the fun with an Inkrin is that you can physically draw it using the IRL ink choice, so you would be missing out on that opportunity. There are a ton of inks out there, I suggest looking around a bit first~

Q: "I want my Inkrin to have X but it's not on the ref. Is that okay?!"
A: Inkrin can change shapes and forms. So long as its not a TOTAL deviation from an Inkrin I see no reason why they can's just choose to change their preferred shape. I do suggest not deviating from them too much though. If you want to change it entirely then why are you calling it an Inkrin at that point?

Q: "Can an Inkrin have things suspended in it, like glitter?"
A: Hell. Yes. There are inks out there with GOLD glitter already in it, so go have fun!

Q: "What counts as 'ink?"
A: If it was made with the intent to be used to draw, write, or stain paper or a paper-like form, then it counts as ink. Not blood. I've been asked that plenty of times.

Q: "How 'open species' are we talking here?"
A: You are free to make your own Inkrin in any way you see fit. I will not police them. However You cannot just copy someone else's design and claim it as your own as that's just general stealing. I will have adoptables available here and there but those are not required to make your own! All I ask is that at a minimum you credit me as the creator of the species on the ref that you make.

Q: "I don't know how to draw 'X' thing." or "I don't know how an Inkrin reacts to this situation!"
A: I suggest checking the other page as it has info on how an Inkrin acts, body information, and their response to their environment. This is merely how to make your own~

Inkrin © Zaezar
Art © Zaezar

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    They look adorable! I like the concept! :)

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      Thank you! I am proud to have them released finally~

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        You’re very welcome! :D