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Gift for 2chaotic by Zaezar

Gift for 2chaotic


18 December 2016 at 16:09:27 MST

A gift from RadioactiveToast to 2chaotic on FA. Featuring their raccoon character wielding a chainsaw with a crazy happy smile. It wouldn't be Christmas without it now would it?

This is the last image from the gift stream, everyone. Thank you for joining in, and thanks for making it an awesome stream to host. I love doing this stuff every year <3

Character (c) 2Chaotic
Art (c) Zaezar

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    Sometimes a chainsaw is the only way to cut through the tape many people tape presents up with. ;)

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      I knew one person who got a gift wrapped in duct tape. Not just normally wrapped. They had put effort into making sure its completely flat with no air bubbles underneath it. Multiple layers with no real "end" to it so you couldn't just unravel it. Then, above that, they had packing tape. Just like before, it was so smooth and without bubbles that you could barely tell it was there at all.

      Normally, you would imagine using a knife or scissors to open that, right? Well this guy saw it as a challenge. I think the one who wrapped it knew that as well. He was dead set on opening it with his bare hands. It took him over 30 minutes to crack this case by ripping, tearing, and unwrapping the best he could. In the end... It was a box of chocolate Twinkies. He didn't quite care for that flavor :P

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        Too bad it wasn't the choco-cherry Twinkies they had a little while back, those were actually kinda tasty. XD

        Whoever wrapped it wanted to make sure it was a real adventure! :)