Oh Carp... by Zaezar

Oh Carp...


10 February 2016 at 18:29:28 MST

I am in love with this drawing. I badly want to make a proper print of it and hang it up or something (like sell them...). I even made a wallpaper version that I have in my rotation right now. No shame in liking a drawing you have done :D

Here is Viola finding a fish while out for a swim. I know its not a carp, but the joke was fitting. Besides, I don't think Viola much minds that its not a carp.

Character (c) Zaezar
Art (c) Zaezar
That Fish (c) Viola's lunch

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    You should like it! It is very wonderful! :D

    Check and see FedEX's (well, the ones that merged with Kinko's) rates.........someone told me they weren't so bad for larger size color prints. :)

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      ooh! I am going into the Chicago loop tomorrow. I will have to look into that :D

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        I believe they can print directly from a flash drive, too! :)

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          I would hope. I cannot imagine another way that am willing to bring with. Unless they are willing to pull up my Weasyl account X3

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            lol You may traumatize some poor staff member! XD

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              It would only traumatize if they saw the October section.
              So maybe...

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    Now I'm suddenly wondering what Sharkbabe Hotcakes would look like done by you...

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      Sharkbabe Hotcakes. Are you talking like a pinup girl but a shark? Or literally a stack of pancakes?