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Just a guy majoring Psychology in University who makes low quality comics for fun and old times sake.

Spend my other time playing games, studying less than I should, drawing on the blue moon, and taking care of my sickly fiancee as mommy and maid.


Latest Journal

Change of Plans

Comics are being posted off on my DA page ( ) because I have started a group with my fiancee there where we now collaborate with ZooM Comics. My blue moon art and occasional commissions will be posted here however.

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Anything at All
C$ 20.00


Draw Something Stupid
C$ 2.00

I will draw anything for serious for the solid "Anything" price. (My totally free time is infrequent and my sanity, expensive).

If you want me to draw you something in the style of SR Comics or equally as ridiculous and lacklustre, the "Something Stupid" price will apply instead.