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I'll get around to it.
Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Closed
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Change of Plans

Comics are being posted off on my DA page ( ) because I have started a group with my fiancee there where we now collaborate with ZooM Comics. My blue moon art and occasional commissions will be posted here however.

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Firmly Planted Here

Transfer is complete of my comics and notable work, I'll be updating the comics here from now on. However I am still on hiatus from them as I get my life back in order. Stuff is crazy around here.

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Hi, I'm Still Not Here

After my fiancee brought me here via word over the increasing popularity of a new site for artwork, I've decided to post some of my work here to see how this all ends up going. However for the time being I'm still on hiatus partially as I'm busy with a bunch of stuff right now. Expect comics to sta…