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Warriors of Eternity-Great Forerunner by YourFriendlyVirus

Warriors of Eternity-Great Forerunner


(Design greatly inspired by Marvel Comics’ Celestials and DC Comics’ Anti-Monitor, however this character’s role is far more benevolent.)

Thought to be possibly the oldest, tallest and by far the most powerful Gou’Lemian to ever exist, this metallic behemoth has been wandering between universes for untold eons, gathering any possible knowledge and carefully observing lifeforms that would spread among these universes. In present time, an inexplicable gut feeling forces him to return to his home universe, where he finds out that he’s one of the only two living Gou’Lemians left, technically-while Staltor, also known as Steel Sentinel, passed on Beyond the Veil into the afterlife, his soul was still linked to his physical body, now used by a young human named Andrei.

While being extremely powerful and feared even by Chaos Entity itself, the Forerunner has vowed long ago never to use his powers for battle, fearing the possible consequences it would leave on the stability of his home universe. However, he occasionally steps in when necessary, and provides Andrei/Steel Sentinel with additional powers, and teaches him how to properly use them. The fact a Gou’Lemian’s body is perfectly bonded with an organic being is something that puzzles him, as it is something he never saw happen before.

Image also shows his size comparison with Steel Sentinel, who is about 11 and half feet tall.

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    Makes me think this is what Darkseid would pilot if he had a mech