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Warriors of Eternity-Eydora the Dark Gate Guardian by YourFriendlyVirus

Warriors of Eternity-Eydora the Dark Gate Guardian


El'uvarian Temple of Eternity is only one of the several sacred structures located on Ganelomm that are directly tied to the outer realms. Within a walking distance of it, there are two other temples, each housing a portal leading to the realms of Light and Darkness respectively. These temples are managed by Guardians, a special rank of a priest/priestess that, while holding a great ammount of authority, still responds to the Main Priestess of the Temple of Eternity; in this case, Valdora. These two Guardians are twin sisters named Coneira (Light Gate Guardian) and Eydora (Dark Gate Guardian).

Older of the twins, Eydora is in charge of the Dark temple, wielding the Staff of Antumbra in order to open or close the portal when necessary. Despite her petite stature, she's a few decades older than Valdora. Much like her sister, Coneira, despite her significant responsibility of guarding the temple and the portal, Eydora is a cheerful and friendly individual and tends to speak in cryptic way, both to test and confuse any newcomers that wish to enter the Dark realm. In addition to that, due to her connection to the Dark realm she tends to occasionally show minor bouts of flirty, alluring and-very rarely-agressive behavior, on occasion trying to exchange some flirtratious banter with the Warriors when they come to visit, mostly with Andrei. Some theorize this is due to the fact that beings with high concentration of dark elemental powers seem to be attracted to those with light elemental powers surging within them-as Dominic puts it, "moth being attracted to a bright flame".

Despite her small stature (both her and Coneira are about the same height as Valdora, who is pretty much on the short side) and gentle looks, she's not to be underestimated-anyone who dares to cause trouble in the temple or use the portal by force will be dealt with by herself, unleashing the full might of her dark elemental powers and revealing her monstrous inner self, a shadowy being that resembles living ink with glowing red eyes.

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