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Welcome to my Page!

My name is Tatjana Weizel, I am 21 years old and I currently live in Cologne, Germany. I plan to study Aviation at the end of this year; but I like spending most of my freetime with drawing.
I use mixed tools, such as my Wacom Intuos pro, Polychromos pencils, as well as copics and sometimes watercolours.
My prefered subject is fantasy and concept design.
I have always been only a hobbyist, but I do take commissions if requested :)

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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

General Information

The Artist

  • reserves the right to refuse or cancel a commission as long as the money has not been paid.
  • reserves the right to change any information on their website without any warning (already paid commissions are not affected).
  • reserves the right to put a watermark on every commission which must not be removed by the commissioner.
  • reserves the right to publish the finished commission for their own advertising on websites like DeviantART.
  • will not support and accept offensive and hateful commission requests
  • needs at least a single picture of the general idea of the commissioner (written information is not enough).

The commissioner:

  • reserves the right to point out mistakes and/or missinterpretated explanations which have been drawn/transfered into the commission and may ask to change those, as long as these requests/mentionings have been made in time
  • reserves the right to have insight in the working process whenever wanted
  • may always change their plans regarding the commission, as long as the previously planned commission has not been started. The possibility of changing minor parts always depends on the working progress of the commission, but IS allowed.
  • reserves the right to see the commission BEFORE it is uploaded on any internet website, to give their OK
  • reserves the right to be informed about the price span at any time (which is helpful when you order sheet commissions)
  • may give a price limit, so that they will be informed by the artist as soon as changes force the price limit to exceed.
  • may cancel the commission at any time, even during the work progress, but has to pay the price in extend of the status of the commission to the time of the cancelling. Though, as soon as the drawing prozess reaches 70%, no refunds will be given anymore.
  • reserves the right to crop/cut/resaturate the finished commission and use it for their webside, journal, etc.
  • does not reserve the right to resell the work in any way. For example, that means that the commissioner can not print their commissioned piece on Tshirts and sell these. The rights to the commissioned piece only allow prints on property of the commissioner her/himself
  • reserves the right to buy the full rights along with the commission, what will add 300 percent to the final price.

    For example: the final price of a commission will be 100 €. if the ommissioner wants to buy the full rights to the commission as well, the price will increase by 3 x 100€, which increases the total price to 400€. At this point the commissioner is allowed to resell the commission in form of prints or may use it as a book cover, laptop/mobile phone motive etc.

Money transfer is made through Paypal or bank transfer.
Prices are written in Euro, but its your choice in what currency you pay me, as long as its the equivalent amount.

I will charge an additional payment of 50 percent of the regular price of sketches and 75 percent of coloured works with every additional character you want me to include. Seperated pictures are not affected.

Please do NOT pay me BEFORE I told you to do.

I do NOT offer DESIGNING you a character! I need at least a standalone but I would prefer more than one picture to reference as good as I can. The reason is, that it takes much time for me to design even an own characters, no matter if I already have a certain idea of them or not. I do not want you to wait so long to get your designed character:)

Thank you!

Shipping payment:

To Germany -> 2,00 € (1,45 € + 0,55 €)
International -> 4,00 € (3,45 € + 0,55 €)

What I can draw:

My prefered topic is fantasy in form of dragons and other fantasy creatures.
I can also draw:

  • different forms of canines (except of realistic wolves)
  • horses
  • birds
  • anthros
  • humans
  • animals (ask please)
  • low macabre things
  • several kind of fantasy creatures (ask)
  • I have some robotic skills, but not much

What I can´t/don´t/won´t draw:

  • TOO realistic
  • detailed wolves (mine always bear analogy to dogs)
  • very high robotic things
  • strong sexual/ hentai themes ( If you really want that, I will take double price)
  • high vulgarity

I would like to avoid fanart except of you want to "present" the commission to the creator of the character.
I also like to try different styles, but please, look at my gallery before asking for a commission, for adapting my main style and for not getting disappointed:)

Tools I work with:


  • Pencil
  • Polychromos colour pencils
  • Arbrecht Durer watercolour pencils
  • Copic markers
  • watercolours
  • gouage
  • coloured paper (on demand)


  • Photoshop CS3
  • Photoshop CS5
  • Painttool SAI
  • Wacom bamboo fun

The use of tools sometimes changes the price. I often mix up all tools but If the client wants a full copic work for example, the price would be higher because of the expensive tools. Digital works are not affected.

For traditional works:

The original is not included at the beginning. What you will buy with the displayed prices, is the drawing process and the theme, not the original artwork.

If you want to have the Original shipped to you, you have to pay an additional 50 % of the final price. High quality Prints will cost 4,00 € per image/commission.

For digital works:

As the sending of an "original" picture is obviously not possible, I will offer the raw and tidied up Photoshop file for an increase of 30 Percent, so the commissioner can see how I have operated.

As with traditional pictures, a high quality print of the digital work will cost 4,00€ € per image/commissioned piece.

If you accept all of this, you may order a commission from me :)

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Digital Commissions (Paintings)

Painted drawing (ten hours or less)
from € 10.00
to € 100.00
Painted illustration (10 - 20 h)
from € 100.00
to € 200.00
Painted illustration (20 hours and up)
€ 200.00

Digital commissions (simple)

Cellshaded single character
€ 50.00
€ 25.00
soft shaded single character
€ 60.00
add  Flatcoloured lineart
from € 10.00
to € 25.00

Traditional Commissions (A4)

Fully illustrated commission
€ 90.00
€ 20.00
single character on coloured paper
€ 30.00
Single coloured character without a background
$ 35.00
single coloured character with partly coloured background
€ 50.00
€ 15.00

Traditional commissions (A5)

Fully illustrated character commission
€ 30.00
€ 10.00
Single coloured character without a background
€ 20.00
single coloured character with partly coloured background
€ 25.00
€ 5.00

If you plan to order a commission from me, please ensure that you have read my Terms of Service.

Thank you!



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    Hello guys!
    This is Acayth from DeviantART. Unfortunately I have lost my password for the same-named account here on Weasyl and for some reason, no email address that I own could be identified to that account. I have either screwed up something during my first registration, or Weasyl has changed something that caused me to not be able to log in anymore :c

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy my works here!