What will remain by Xeypia

What will remain


2 March 2015 at 12:32:01 MST

One of my daily paintings has turned into Ruka, mourning her deceased Vorrapteria Gaezah.

Elomaara do not have something like marriage. They consider relationships as something very private. The only time where they consider themselves to be bound by law, is when two Elomaara get a child (also through adoption). If they do, they celebrate it among their family, though not in white, but in bright and colourful dresses. In this case they celebrate the birth and not the fact that they are bound through the child.
An elomaara only wears white when they mourn for someone. Aroras are not only mourning for dead family members, partners or friends, but also for their Vorrapteria Wyvern.
Elomaara can always decide how often they decide to wear white on the obit of the deceased, but Aroras usually wear white dresses and gowns at the day of death for the rest of their lives, in respect for the former dragon companion.
Vorrapterias have a similar way of mourning for a died Arora. When they lose their rider, one of their lumoclux marbles turns permanently white. if a vorrapteria feels remembered of the obit, the whole lumoclux turns white for about 2 - 3 days.

Ruka griefs for her first Vorrapteria Gaezah, who passed away because of a viral infection and his old weak immune system. Ruka was rather young when she lost him, and it almost caused her to finish her carrier as an Arora. Every year, at the death-day she wears a white dress with Gaezahs downs and feathers.

I have listened to this song quite a lot while drawing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmEhO1OiEkY


8 hours in SAI and CS5, because I experimented around a lot :D

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    That is really impressive artwork, well done!

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      Thank you!