Ink 17. Ornament by XenoMadness

Ink 17. Ornament


17 October 2019 at 05:47:31 MDT

I just had to draw Blackflames again, another dragon in my Inktober sketches! This time, They wear Their beloved pentagram choker as it unleashes a powerful glow of energy into the body to absorb. It gives Blackflames a pleasing yet gentle warm feel of passion and strength. 
The pentagram choker isn't just some ornament made to look pretty, it's purpose possesses extremely powerful energy that's stored inside the red ruby gem studs that are on the pendant, the middle being the most powerful of them all.

Artwork © XenoMadness XenoMadness formerly Xeno-Madness 

Tools: Black sharpie and pen with little coloured pencils 

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    Ooh it's just a masterpiece!))<3
    They look too cute^_^ You awesome at draw a cutie stuff!))
    I like when satanists on drawings draw in cute style)

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      Daww really? Big Thank you! Same here, because who's to say a Satanist cannot be cute and friendly. X3