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Intersex Pride!


20 September 2019 at 09:00:08 MDT

I somehow quickly made this last night(19th) within a few hours (one point I accidentally fell asleep during process) but was too tired to post it immediately. :P

So yah'll already know my grizzly but beloved character, Grim, is an intersex/hermaphrodite creature with some functional sexual organs. Well even though he's the type of chara who isn't too keen on what he truly identifies as (even though in his past life, he's always been refered to as a male due to appearance from both family and public, it never bothered him at all) but I believe he could still take pride in himself if he'd been raised in a more civil environment to embrace. I mean look at him! XD

Now the flag in question; there's actually two recognizable flags that symbolizes intersex people. There was the multi coloured one with pinks, blues and whites to present intersexuality, and then there's this one you see here that's golden yellow with a purple ring in the middle. Unlike the multi coloured flag which has gendered colours on it (pink/female blue/male)(white excluded) the yellow and purple in this one steer away from the that into something more unique and free from stereotypes, it helps that the purple ring represents "sexless" and "genderless" pride than the norms we usually know about. The flag in general is represented as wholeness and simplicity within the intersex community. You can find more information about intersexuality in the links below, I do seriously enjoy learning the biology of these unique people and the symbolism of the intersex flag itself. I added texture to it for a more detailed and dynamic look, especially the text as seen here.
As for those confused about the misconception that hermaphrodites are the same as intersex people, imma tell you right now that they ARE NOT THE SAME IN FUNCTIONALITY AS SOME PEOPLE MAY THINK! Now of course I'm not gonna call you stupid for not knowing this information because I used to believe that as well in the past. The difference is that a functional reproductive organs hermaphrodite have characteristics of both male and female, usually found in some animals but are more common in plants. Whereas an intersex is more variant  in sexual characteristics from males/females, intersex varieties, in humans this can involve sex chromosomes and so on, however some intersex individuals may not be reproductively fertile.
More information in the links below, although I'm still learning about the nature of intersexuality and hermaphroditism, if you believe what I've said is incorrect. Please do teach me more about them, I strive for knowledge on subjects I'm very indulged in. :D
A final note; many intersex people may consider themselves hermaphrodites if they'd wish, however the majority of the intersex community do NOT like to be called this! It's also worth noting that humans can only be intersex due to their inability to be viable with both eggs and sperms. Although my own character here can be considered both in a way I've created him to be along with extra studying, another because as I've mentioned Grim's not bothered by what he calls himself or from others(in fact, he's fine with me referring to him as either) but from a human's point, it's best not to call them a herm. Ok? ♡
I may as well contribute this to the World Wide Intersex Awareness day on the 26th October (since I'm thinkimg of doing the Inktober challenge this year), I didn't know this until I was looking through the articles I provided below. :o
The slogan is slightly based of the #wontbeerased! (won't be erased) that you sometimes see in certain lgbt quotes.

Artwork © XenoMadness XenoMadness formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon 
(The image size was modified to be larger than the original which was about 700×400 )
Two good articles on the origins of the Intersex flag:

Another two good articles on the difference between "Intersex" and "Hermaphrodite" 

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    It is really exists an intersex people?0.0 How?! What hormones do they have? What about thyroid gland?))
    And you an intersexual?

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      Oh yes they do! There's many variations of intersex as well. While I'm not one myself, according to one of the links, Intersex people seem to have a variety in natural body and characteristics such as hormones you've mentioned, chromosomes, genitalia (they aren't all the same shape) etc, I'm still learning more about that but I'm not sure what a thyroid gland is atm until I look it up. Thanks!^^

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        Sorry for stupid questions-_-
        There's many variations? Sounds interesting^^ Thanks for explanations)))
        Cool what you learn such unusual theme)

        Oh... this fucking thyroid gland!X( I'm not just so interested in this: you know what I am sick with hyperthyroidism of the second stage?