.Come along with me, Luke!. by XenoMadness

.Come along with me, Luke!.


24 April 2018 at 05:01:07 MDT

8th February 2018

Luke "Rick, why must I have to come along on your rambunctious journey down in the ghetto part of town?"
Rick "me and the crew found something that may help you man up on your anxiety problem over there, so keep up with me, lil bro."
Luke "sigh* fine! It better not include one of your gang bang clubs I hear all the time."
Rick "just shut up and keep up with me, dweeb!"

So this was an idea and opportunity to do more background arts on paper (traditional) and actually try out my new Prismacolor colouring pencils. I love the results in this except the sky was meant to be much brighter than it is (I tried erasing bits of it to make it brighter but did not succeed :/ ) and some parts need darkening, I also did different technique practices using these pencils and I'm gonna do more tactics hopefully soon. I used some filters to brighten and saturate the colours more because of bad scanner so some colours are not correct compare to the actual drawing in life.

There's not much to the story here other than The Wolf Brothers heading down to town and visiting Rick's friends who claim they can help fix Luke's anxiety disorder. XD

Artwork by me © copyright  XenoMadness, formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon.

Tools: prismacolor colouring pencils, blender stumps, white pencil, black ballpoint sharpie marker, eraser and edited in image editor.

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