A bunch of weirdos by XenoMadness

A bunch of weirdos


17 January 2018 at 07:41:25 MST

Something for the front cover of my new sketchbook I had since July. X3

I decided to do these guys on here, some of you might know and other not yet (you haven't seen the yellow and black ones), they're gonna appear in a seres of mine called TBOTC once I start working on it. They look really nice on this paper too!

Artwork by me © copyright XenoMadness, formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon.

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    WOW! AWESOME)) Your all charas there looking fantastic0.0 It's so cool what I can't tell))
    I see individuality of every character and I love IT) They are funny and cute^^
    Great art!))

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      Thank you very much.^^ I love putting personality into my individually so they aren't all the same and I love it!

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        What is the "TBOTC"?)

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          It's the title name I've given to my series, it's also the name for the planet these creatures live on.^^

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            What about your series is TBOTC?) What mean and express your charas?) Just me soo interesting^^

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              The series mostly involves around Bryan and other charas dealing with problems similar to Earths society and sometimes going on adventures, along with some adult humour to accompany throughout the series as well. X)
              I'm still working on the stories origin in comic form, it's mostly just Bryan's origin from his past and reaching up to the present year he's currently in (2005).
              After the that part of the comic is done, I'm gonna other comics in a similar style to comics I used to read like The Simpsons and such; along with focusing on other charas too! :D

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                Wow cool!))0.0
                I love humor^^ I can't wait next arts! I want to see it<3