Early Location Tests (Path of Limbdisk) by X. Cytilinsk

Early Location Tests (Path of Limbdisk)

X. Cytilinsk

28 October 2019 at 19:37:00 MDT

Some early renders of various locations for Path of Limbdisk, as you can see some are on the rough side while others are more polished. A short description of each going left to right starting with the top-left:

  1. A medical facility on Lejendairida
  2. The mountain-floodplain region which surrounds the Lejendairidan city of Tha-Garr
  3. The command deck on TSAV Tere’stekips
  4. The bridge on LHV Aura of Zylinsk
  5. Planet from orbit (Ijiliceen and its moon)
  6. Planet from orbit (Lenguiskue 1091-7 and its moons)
  7. The bridge on The Wanderer’s Shadow
  8. Engineering deck on The Wanderer’s Shadow
  9. Maintenance shaft on LHV Aura of Zylinsk
  10. A garden-center on Tha-Garr (No plants yet)
  11. Orbital Waypoint III above Lejendairida
  12. The command deck on DSV Korrdhakid