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Early Location Tests (Path of Limbdisk) by X. Cytilinsk

Early Location Tests (Path of Limbdisk)

X. Cytilinsk

Some early renders of various locations for Path of Limbdisk, as you can see some are on the rough side while others are more polished. A short description of each going left to right starting with the top-left:

  1. A medical facility on Lejendairida
  2. The mountain-floodplain region which surrounds the Lejendairidan city of Tha-Garr
  3. The command deck on TSAV Tere’stekips
  4. The bridge on LHV Aura of Zylinsk
  5. Planet from orbit (Ijiliceen and its moon)
  6. Planet from orbit (Lenguiskue 1091-7 and its moons)
  7. The bridge on The Wanderer’s Shadow
  8. Engineering deck on The Wanderer’s Shadow
  9. Maintenance shaft on LHV Aura of Zylinsk
  10. A garden-center on Tha-Garr (No plants yet)
  11. Orbital Waypoint III above Lejendairida
  12. The command deck on DSV Korrdhakid