Ueptael Chrysalis by X. Cytilinsk

Ueptael Chrysalis

X. Cytilinsk

16 March 2019 at 09:57:44 MDT

Here's a little rendering test of a chrysalis design I did which I think turned out decently. This giant snippet explains the Ueptael Chrysalis:

"The Ueptael do not sleep in the conventional sense, they lack a specific schedule of activity and inactivity. They do however lie in a semi-dormant state for short to medium periods of time if they are particularly low on energy, although in this state they typically remain aware of external stimuli. The only time a Ueptael is completely inactive is during their hibernation period. These sequences run on a cycle of one to six years, varying by individual and changing in frequency as one ages.

During the onset of a hibernation cycle, a Ueptael begins to excrete a silica rich fluid from glands all across the body. This fluid later reacts with enzymes released by the Ueptael which causes it to solidify into a glassy protective shell. The completed chrysalis becomes firmly rooted to the ground and surrounding surfaces, insuring that the chrysalis is not moved or tampered with while the Ueptael lies in hibernation.

Over the course of the Ueptael's hibernation, all movement and active consciousness ceases while the circulatory and immune systems go into overdrive. The unique and powerful immune-circulatory complex of the Ueptael works to repair internal and external tissue groups, while also destroying and recycling defective tissues, cancers, pathogens, and parasites. Over a process of several weeks or months, the physical health of the Ueptael increases dramatically as any traces of illness or damage are erased. The intense recovering processes enabled by their hibernation sequence is believed to be the lead factor in the species' extended lifespan.

Once the hibernation cycle is complete, catalysts are released by the Ueptael which soften the glass-like chrysalis and allow them to emerge. This commonly results in the shedding of several layers of skin, the refuse material being left adhered to the sides of the shell. The Ueptael also leaves behind a thin mat of wasted materials which combines with the shed skin to form a "ghost", a rough amber outline of the former occupant. This outline has often been sought as an artistic item due to its delicate and strangely beautiful qualities, although they have a tendency to disintegrate when exposed to open air. "