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Animated Epilloq (360 Gif) by X. Cytilinsk

Animated Epilloq (360 Gif)

X. Cytilinsk

16 February 2019 at 08:32:11 MST

The Epilloq evolved in the extreme cliff regions along the coastline of Lejendairida’s southern continent. Here they became less aquatic compared to their Kuvmauta relatives, keeping only their translucent facial gills.

Their four pairs of dorsal spines expanded, moved upward and became more sensitive, taking the role of sound sensitive organs. Their tail became longer for balance while scaling the steep cliffs of their home region. They developed dark colored pads on their upper and lower paws to better grip rocky surfaces. While shown here in a bipedal pose, the Epilloq typically prefer a quadrupedal pose while walking and running. The Epilloq are omnivorous and less strictly predatory than the Kuvmauta.