Constant Dilemma by XavierMaldonado1

Constant Dilemma


15 March 2015 at 23:46:23 MDT

-Repost from FA-

Welp, first piece of the new year. I've had this in the back of my mind for a while. It perfectly sums up what I go through constantly at times.

See, I wanna be this cool, awesome dragon that completely kicks butt and can be ultra menacing at times…but I wind up just looking cute..which is okay because that puts me on the level of Stitch…I think rubs his neck

But then there's the other side of me that completely flips things around, and part of the reason why I never want to get rid of my rather large gut. It leaves me completely at the mercy of others and needing of their help since I'm not capable of it alone. It's also highly embarrassing, especially when they start to sing.

But…I greatly enjoy the scenario…even if it's…highly specific. I'm not joking about that, it has to be a certain way or I just…won't enjoy it as much.

And that's my constant dilemma. Desire to be a cool, kick arse dragon that has super moves. At the same time I enjoy overeating, getting myself stuck, having to fast and be sung to as I'm pushed and shoved until I eventually pop free out of someone denhole by a league of tuggers and one or two heavy shovers.

Is it even possible for these two things to just….co-exist without conflict? I'm still trying to find out a way for it, especially publicly. There is a way I just…don't really know how…

*Artist'sEdit - Forgot to add the blush, fixed, heh