Request for Skittles the Fox - ROCKET JUMP AWAY~!! by XavierMaldonado1

Request for Skittles the Fox - ROCKET JUMP AWAY~!!


15 March 2015 at 23:42:38 MDT

-Repost from FA-

This request was done for Sadly this one took the longest for me, since I wasn't really sure how to do "Rocket Jumps" much less do them well.

I searched around his gallery to see what I could cook up with for his outfit. And the reference he gave me was pretty much TF2 related, so I looked around for actual TF2 rocket launchers.

This pretty much what I came up with, I'm rather happy with it. My mate helped me out some since I've learned I can't really do pieces in Flash like this without making a frame to hide off parts of the image that trail off, like the smoke trail coming from the launcher, my mate did that…heh.

The red Aquata is my mate by the way, Fatalglory128 Fatalglory128 but I'm sure you guys already knew that, heh. He makes for a very nice dragonian. He's a bit freaked out by the height, but the fact he can change the very ground into water he can swim in means he'll be just okay.

Just make sure not to land belly first hun! And next time, DON'T LOOK DOWN!

Skittles, just keep rocket jumping away to yer hearts content! You have infinite ammo after all smirks