Kaiser Ultimate Reference PG by XavierMaldonado1

Kaiser Ultimate Reference PG


19 March 2015 at 01:49:04 MDT

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Same thing here, only PG


So here it his, the ultimate reference for my very first and most closest of partners, Kaiser.

He's gone through redesign after redesign after redesign much like myself. It may seem silly, but he's an important figure in my life. I wanted to get him right and make sure he'll love what he is as much as I love what he becomes...that last bit sounded a bit more selfish than it should have sweatdrops

I actually had a bit of an art block when it came to him, because every time I drew him up, he always looked too much like the sources I took him from, looking like a bad rip off versus being his own thing. Couple of nights ago I had a flash of inspiration of what i wanted him to look like, didn't get to sketching him out till the next night and then finished inking and coloring him up today.

I was a bit iffy on the wings and hat, but they both quickly settled in soon enough and just fit. I'm also trying a new way of doing references, instead of just the usual Front, Side back and then random details. Each section features a different pose that exposes part of the body to show what they look like. Something I'm definitely going to stick with.

Little bit of side info here. Kaiser is a Pura Draga and his element is Wind. He uses a lance but treats it more like a conical sword, but then being able to fire out wind blades from the swings kinda makes up for it. He lives near snowy mountains as his kind tends to do, not minding the cold much but their clothing tends to have loads of fur in them to keep them from getting too cold. Hence my own clothing in draga and human form, heh.

All and all, I'm happy with it and I'm looking forward to showing off Kaiser more later on. Till then, enjoy guys, heh!