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Ruth the Knight and Verdok the Priest by WulfeVanDerKross

Ruth the Knight and Verdok the Priest


An awesome piece by TheLivingShadow from DeviantArt ( and FurAffinity ( depicting Ruth Pionaar, a lady-knight of the Faithguard of Fidonhaal, and her fiancé, Verdok Merchill, the high priest of the archtemple, as they take a pleasant stroll together as a respite from their respective duties to the Temple and Fidonity at large.

From infancy, the two grew up together in the archtemple of Genverdell, the capital city of the nation of Enmayar. Ruth’s mother was a former prostitute who forsook her past life and became a sister of the temple at the invitation of the Salpion (who is essentially this setting’s “equivalent” of the Pope), and her father is unknown. Verdok’s parents were married and happy together, but both died from a fever not long after their son was born. Both have since been raised by the priests, priestesses, and other residents of the archtemple, with the Salpion of the time, one “Father” Owen Lovonhaar, having taken up the role as a father-figure to them both.

Ruth, being motivated to play a part in protecting the Temple that took in her mother and herself when she was born (as well as the people of the world at large, given the Temple’s intentions of guiding AND guarding the people), eventually began training as a Faithguard knight and has since become a distinguished warrior and defender. Verdok, also moved to play a role in the Temple that took care of him per his parents’ final wishes, was more drawn to the career of the clergy, being more inclined to teach, preach, counsel and console than to partake in combat.

Despite these differences in their specific callings and inclinations, and though much of their relationship in youth was akin to that of siblings, their feelings toward one another have since grown into something else, and in due time, they got engaged.

Their relationship is but one piece of the story told in the novel THE SAGA OF FIDONHAAL: DAUGHTERS OF THE EAST, which is available in both e-book and print-on-demand paperback formats on Amazon!

If you’re curious about the novel and its setting, you can check out sample chapters, maps, and other relevant artwork by checking out my profile!