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Hello, dear visitor.

The name's Lucas, and I’m a guy that goes by Wulfe Van Der Kross around here, and many other spots on the internet in which I’ve set up a little nook.

I'm a weirdo from Kentucky who is an enthusiast of media featuring anthropomorphic animal characters, as well as a lover of the fantasy genre, from movies and shows to books, games, and more.
I have aspired to bring these two loves together to create a fantasy setting, and stories occurring within, that will hopefully bring delight and inspiration to folks from both spheres of interest.

That setting is the world of Fidonhaal, a world that is home to a race of creatures called the Fidons, who we would describe as looking like anthropomorphic wolves.

The first novel I've written for this setting is titled The Saga of Fidonhaal - Daughters of the East. It is available in print-on-demand paperback and ebook formats on Amazon.

I've also commissioned some art relating to this story, and look forward to having more done about the story or the setting in general in the near future. Part of the reason for this is the hope of drawing some attention to the book, but also for the joy of working with artists to bring pieces of my writing to life.

If you are interested in looking into some samples of this book, you can check out preview-chapters, along with several maps of the world of Fidonhaal and other artwork relating to the story and setting in general, on my profile here as well as on other sites listed in my Contacts & Social.

There are other things I’d like to say about myself here in due time, and I also simply hope to engage in further conversations about my work (and possibly other things, of course) here. But for now, this will hopefully be enough to pique your interest.


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Little Event Coming Along This Summer!

Hi everyone! Got a nice little bit of news...

I recently got an email from the local library, where a while back I got a copy of the book on the shelves. It was regarding an upcoming event in June, which is affiliated with their Summer Reading Program, which is in turn a collaborative effort of libraries across the country as I understand (

This event also involves local authors, who will be able to have a table/booth where people can chat with them, buy books, and so on, and I've been invited!
I just got this email the other day, and have some questions I'm looking to get answered. Furthermore, the event isn't scheduled to be until mid-June, so there's still a little while to go, and thus further information is pending.

Sure, it's no national/international fantasy-con, but it's a start, and I'm looking forward to being a part of it!
When it comes around, and presuming I'll be on for it, I'll certainly be looking forward to posting a thing or two on here about it! :D

That's it for the moment, I reckon. Until next time!


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    Hi, thank you for the fav! Hope U liked my other art too. Stop by again sometime. Have a great day!🌸

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    Anytime! I always love to find the wild writer out there doing their thing :3