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So Brave, So Reckless - Windborn Art Trade by World of Avania

So Brave, So Reckless - Windborn Art Trade

World of Avania

4 August 2019 at 17:27:34 MDT

Laughs villainously What are the chances I'd encounter another webcomic about anthro avians, launched around the same time as my own?

Evidently pretty good! I felt like it was inevitable I'd end up drawing some of the characters from Windborn, so when bassywolfeh asked if I'd like to do an art trade, I was happy to do so. In fact, I had entirely way too much fun drawing Rugyam full of such villainous enthusiasm, and ended up pushing this pic to a more dramatic and polished state than I had initially intended...

But it just didn't seem fitting to have the heroic Amara standing idly by the big bad! (I'll link their half of the trade here when it is posted.)
You can read Windborn right now at:

Check out the Una and Hans in the other half the trade over on FurAffinity!
And for more avian action, check out the latest page of Avania every Sunday night at 7:00pm EST) on !

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