Storm's Culmination [Part 1] by Woofle

Storm's Culmination [Part 1]


2 July 2014 at 00:18:15 MDT

I went back and cleaned up a song from Season 2 while I was thinking about it. I always liked this song, but it didn't quite meet my standards in its previous incarnation.

At a certain point during the story of the second season, it seems as if all questions have been answered, and all solutions found (save for a few minor loose ends.)
Many pressing concerns have been answered, the girl from Qaimusu is actually happy for once, and everything seems like it might actually go right.
The first several minutes of the song are devoted to this, and the outcomes of various storylines that had taken place up to this point, and where some traveling partners have gone, and what they're up to at this point.
Eventually, over these euphoric few weeks, the unanswered questions slowly begin to nag at her again. This is partially because she doesn't allow herself to be happy usually, but also because she's an analytic thinker.
...she starts really diving into the fact that she and the others have to leave where they are, and things are going to get a lot worse before she, or anyone else can find this sort of happiness again. These few weeks were good, but can't last forever. Not when she doesn't even know who she is, at least.

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