Gray Acropolis by Woofle

Gray Acropolis


5 May 2014 at 12:19:16 MDT

This is the final dungeon in on one of the 'seasons' of my project. A great, flying palace, from which the fury and power of storms can be unleashed upon the world below. Of course, this palace is said to be home of the God of Storms, who wields this power, but if that power were to fall into the wrong hands, well... things could get ugly.
For years, the palace sat placidly on a small island on a lake, near a town in western Kerlynzia, but one night, it shot up into the sky, and things have never been the same since. Someone claiming to be the God of Storms continually has been ravaging towns in the outlying areas of southern Kerlynzia, and shows no signs of stopping, until he is declared emperor.
Unfortunately for him, he seems to have gotten his palace stuck, and he may or may not have enraged the shady organization that got him that power in the first place. Time to investigate!

Another song I touched up while passing back through the second season! Enjoy!

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    Yeeeeessss >8D I feel this! Especially that intro! I'm sitting here and clenching my fists like I'm holding a sword, it really got me into the whole 'final battle' mode. :P However, at 1:02, it seems like there's a mysterious figure approaching. Not really a 'final battle' sorta mysterious figure for me (it sounds a little too happy/relaxing to my ears ^^;), but you nailed the mysteriousness as described in the last two paragraphs! And it's only a short while before those epic strings and guitars come back in again! 8D Nice song, as usual ^^

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      Eee! :D I'm really glad to hear that this got you pumped! This song was a ton of fun to work on, honestly, but it definitely took a few tries to get right -- especially that part at 1:02! XD The palace is breaking apart during this part of the story too, to make things even trickier. xD But yeah, glad you like it! :D

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        8D It's no worries at all! And alright, that sorta explains the whole vibe that part has. X3

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    This is one of my favorite tracks of yours, and while I still love one of the really old versions, this is a really nice spin on it! :D

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      I'm probably going to keep both around, 'cause the old one wasn't too low on quality! So yay! :D

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    I still have the old version of this saved, this has always been one of my favorite songs of yours.

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      I was really happy with both cuts've this one! :D I'm really happy you still like it, too!!! ;~; I was always worried it was one of the weaker 'final dungeon' themes.