(Cherry Blossoms) Never Stay the Same [New Life] [Feat. Kamiyana] by Woofle

(Cherry Blossoms) Never Stay the Same [New Life] [Feat. Kamiyana]


23 April 2014 at 10:24:05 MDT

The main reason I went back to tinker with the older two versions (with some help from Kamiyana!) was that the song appears again in the fourth season, albeit in a much different form. I wanted to make sure all three cuts were up to my standards. Kamiyana exceeded my standards though! D:

A time later, another girl returns to the village on Qaimusu Island. What was once a rotting husk of a village has exploded in the span of less than a year. Construction is going on all over town. New technologies come with new families, and new life have been breathed into the island.
The Sea Goddess has returned, and she is angry and tired.
Her reign spreads out over the land, and the sight of her island commands terror in the hearts of those who oppose her. Those who do not, though, are sheltered and kept safe in the much larger village now. Almost daily, gifts are brought to her temple to appease her, and children are brought to be blessed.
This other girl hardly recognizes the village anymore. Her family is here... somewhere. She doesn't know where, though, and she doesn't know if they are truly faithful to the Sea Goddess.
She lingers near the school house, where she and her best friend grew up. She finds it ironic. The two of them never got to come back here together, and now, they will never get the chance.
Amidst playing children, and a bustling market, she has to anchor herself by looking up at the mountain at island's center. That view, over the rooftops, no matter how many news there are, reminds her that she's home.
She watches the children play together then, remembering what it was like to be one of them, and not have a care in the world. She, her pet pig, and her best friend.

( kamiyana did a vast majority of this arrangement. He'll downplay his involvement, but this is at least 85% him. Together, we wanted to show just how busy Qaimusu's village has gotten now, and what an almost utopian society it's become. At the same time, we wanted to keep the emotional anchors of the song. It's not exactly a happy situation for all involved, although it is for the village itself! It was a tough dichotomy to strike -- or so I thought, but Kam knocked it out of the park!!!)

Childhood Version -LINK-
Adulthood Version -LINK-
New Life Version -LINK-

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    You two make the perfect duo ^^

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      Aww, thank you! ;~; Our styles ended up workin' super good together!