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Sable Grove by Woofle

Sable Grove


Just to the west of Tykondrus' capital, Sandalio a thick jungle lies. Cut apart by huge craggy spires, many of which bear springs at their tops, causing towering waterfalls, this is quite a place to behold.

This jungle was once home to some of the wolf-tribes that wandered the area hundreds of years ago -- the ancestors of the wolvish Tykondrian people. Today, although it is uninhabited by folk of the two-legged variety, it is home to many animals, and monsters, as well. In fact, there are so many monsters making their homes in this jungle these days, that they're starting to edge in closer to Sandalio.

While a road cuts through the foliage, leading to the towns on the other side, it is currently cordoned off by a rather mysterious group. The best route around them is through the jungle, into a sunken castle, and across a valley full of ruins. Looks like it's going to be a long day. Oh yeah, that group blocking the road? They're kind of looking for you all over the jungle. They may or may not have set part of the jungle ablaze to corner you, too. Good luck with that. :V

There's a bit of Latin tinge to this one seeing as it is located in Tykondrus, which bears similarities to Spain.

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    Awesome tune. I don't have a whole lot more to say haha. There's 2 more mins until tune ends...
    I like the percussion a lot
    There's some synths here and there that make my ears häppy
    And progression is just right, it does not drag nor does it go too fast.

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      This was one of those songs that came straaaaaight out. I think it took roughly half an hour from when I sat down to when I was uploading it. x3 To be fair, it was an old song I'd first composed in the early 2000s, but hadn't recorded since. Even so, I knew how it went still. xD So it was mostly re-recording it, and arrangement this time around!

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    What is it with jungles and getting set on fire. I remember some people on a forums i used to frequent would play some homebrew dnd like games on aim and in two seperate campaigns they did, the same jungle would get set on fire by the party, very early on. Jungles are like fire magnets apparently.

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      I blame Sonic 3. Goddammit, Angel Island Zone! God damn it!

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        I think it's meant to teach kids playing those games that setting forests and jungles on fire is wrong.

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    Fantastic!! It sounds perfect for a Donkey Kong game!! :D

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      Oooh~ I loved those games! :D Thank you! :3