Clear Blue Waves by WinterSoul

Clear Blue Waves


23 July 2018 at 12:32:20 MDT

Another paint commission! Funny story, while cleaning my studio, I ran into some old reference of clouded leopards, reminding me of one of my favorite paints (Desert Ruby). A little voice said, “don’t toss that, you’re gonna need it.” I thought back, “okay… I mean, I enjoyed the paint. Maybe I’ll do it again as a special paint?” A few days later, someone mailed me asking if I could re-produce that specific special paint, (of course with their own color choices/markings). It was too funny! Naturally, I was all on board, because clouded leopards are gorgeous, and it would be fun to see the pattern shifted towards blue/orange. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to re-imagine one of my faves! The marble used is one of my top colors, coming from a line called “Stingray”.

Speaking of pendants, I’m busy packing all of ‘em up for the upcoming show! The Etsy shop will go on vacation very soon, but once it’s back up, people may order custom paints of this feathered cat here: