Freyja’s Felines by WinterSoul

Freyja’s Felines


23 July 2018 at 12:36:40 MDT

The reason I sculpted these cats were for these two! The descriptions of Freyja’s cats which I’ve come across did say grey (or solid blue? I could be wrong, but the older material didn’t seem to specify). Either way, it didn’t quite feel right going down that route. It felt much better to just make something that I could put a lot of enthusiasm into, so I went for some fantastical coat patterns. Their orbs are made of real Sunstone and real Moonstone, and each have a special color-shifting jewel.

These two are of course not for sale, but if you like this fantastic coat pattern and jewel, you might be interested in their brother! Or perhaps you have your own special kitty you’d like in miniature form, check out what’s for sale here: