Character Auction - Cansu - CLOSED by WinterSoul

Character Auction - Cansu - CLOSED


7 April 2017 at 12:29:09 MDT

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Auction Info:
Auction ends Tuesday, April 11th at 6 pm MST.

Character Background:
On the road, they call her Melody, but her true name, Cansu, she keeps to herself so that she remembers why she wanders. When her homeland's river dries up, a number of Shisa were left to either find new lands or wander. Cansu chooses a life on the road with a band of performers. As she digs deeper into the past, the reality sinks in that their leader finds every way possible to keep them in his service. Eventually she must break away from the leader's oppression so that she can find a way to bring the waters back to the river.

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