Anita Denisse Rodriguez by WinterRythmBunBun17

Anita Denisse Rodriguez


3 August 2017 at 13:19:06 MDT

Heya pals! Here I have a sweet OC for all of you as a custom made by my sweet Senpai for me, so she's my sweet momma dog Anita Rodríguez, she's a very flirty collie that's a smart and study hard girl that doesn't lets her discapacity stop her in life with a strong will and a rough attitude to match though she's most motherly and cheerful. Hope you love her ;3!.

Name: Anita Denisse Rodríguez
Age: 29
Specie: Collie dog
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual(girls 60%/boys 40%)
Likes: Studying, hard puzzles made by her, reading books, her big belly, flowers, helping people, watching movies on free time, writting
Dislikes: Pineapple pudding, damaged books, biten plants, taking off her leg socks, terror movies, remarks about her legs, pranks, stalkers

Personality: Very sexy, she likes to flirt, yet she's smart and cunning, she also a studious girl and likes to excercise her mind with hard puzzles made by her, also very sleepy too and likes to take naps in her bed when she feels tired, she's motherly, happy, cheerful and very independent that she doesn't asks for help no matter how rough are things for her.

Powers: She's one of the few members of the clan of Autumn Nest Bird Moms left, she can grow many pups tocuhing the symbol near her belly button much as she likes though it can delay the birth date and she can also store food in her cheeks like squirrels to keep it fresh and warm to feed her puppies, also she can work as surrogate for other moms that need aid with their children but she can only bear twenty children from different moms at time(one batch of kids per mother), though she cannot use her powers well since she's not aware of her place in the clan as fertility maid.

BACKSTORY: Anita was born in Canada, she lived along with her parents in a small town of the country in a good home with warm and comfort, she found her love for books at the age of 4 when her father readed her a story every night when she was watching the stars, she also made her own stories in school, she never took off any class except when she was sick, at the age of 12 she was the best student of her class when she made a proyect to keep safe the library and botanical garden of the school, one day she was working with her uncle a truck slammed her when she crosssed the streets and never walked again, regardless, she got to be a great gardeneer when she aged 16 years old, she reached high school and worked for her elementary school as gardeneer and teached the kids to care about nature, whens he reached the university at 25 years old she was the best in her class, her powers started to show when she impreganted a friend by accident, after she got graduated she moved to Florida on United States and got to work on a botanical garden as caretaker and assistant on their library, nowydays at 29 years old she still works on the place she loved, she impregnated herself touching her symbol.

Anita is drawn by and belongs to me

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