Rodeo in New Mexico! (Vonce and Wind) by WindTide

Rodeo in New Mexico! (Vonce and Wind)


30 April 2018 at 12:35:07 MDT

The lemon shark wrangler finally has meet his match...

As hard as it is to believe, I'm finally getting through the artwork of last year along with recent developments to bring you the first picture I received for 2018. Oh boy, was this a real treat for me XD

To start us off, at the beginning of the year I joined my father on his trip with some friends overseas to come down and see my Uncle's Camp at Camp Oro Quay. I naturally had a good time going to the camp and seeing my relatives that were from my father's side of the family, staying for about a week. For me it was nothing special, but a glimmer of opportunity presented itself when I managed to make a very special request for a certain New Mexican to meet up for lunch!

After I begged convinced BGN to meet up at the Santa Fe Place mall after making arrangements with my traveling group, I was eagerly awaiting to meet my artist hero for the first time. I tried to actually surprise him in a childish endeavor by sneaking up behind him, but naturally that ended in disaster for me. Nevertheless I was probably nervous trying not to explode with happiness as I was talking to Vince for the first time in person!

At first I was under the impression that we would go to one of the restaurants in the mall to grab a quite bite and chit chat, but Vince had insisted that we would drive out a little bit a way from the mall to one of his restaurants he liked. So we both made our way to The Ranch House where I was treated to a wonderful lunch (that Vince paid for as a gracious host!), and chat about various things within the fandom. Some of it did go into world events since I had instigated it, and over all we had a great time getting a real chance to talk as friends.

Needless to say, Vince was prepared with his belongings he brought to draw a personalized picture for myself, as a commemoration for meeting up in person. I was also prepared myself, as I had my sketchbook to show Vince some of the physical commissions I had gotten myself over the years. And so Vince had drawn me (with FREAKEN pen) a wonderful piece highlighting the New Mexican landscape and a certain Bull Vonce giving Wind the ride of his life!

The wait was well worth it.

Wind Tide Β©

WindTide WindTide

Vonce and Art Β©

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