TFF Con 2018 - Cool Down (Cole) by WindTide

TFF Con 2018 - Cool Down (Cole)


2 May 2018 at 15:29:52 MDT

Another day on the job, another knot on the ape's back no doubt. Rolling his shoulders, Cole made his way to the general bunk bed area where he would take a snooze. At the very least he needed to take off the jacket, letting his shoulders roll back to drop the heavy, flame resistant coat.

Looking in the mirror he couldn't help but sigh... he was tired and lethargic. But the work was what mattered to the fire chief the most.

Coming up on long, overdue artwork is the collection of sketches I received from Texas Furry Fiesta of 2018! The first sketch that I commissioned was from Donryu, who I make it a point to see every time I come to TFF! Donryu was as always a charming individual to talk to, and even more so since I decided to buy his Rat Packs from him! I have to say he did a spectacular job with Cole here, and hope to see him the next time at TFF 2019!

Cole Phillips Β©

WindTide WindTide

Art Β©

Donryu Donryu

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