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Commissions: Permanently closed. I already disappoint myself with deadlines. I'd hate to disappoint you by taking your money and having you wait an eternity. Please don't ask me if I'm open for commissions. There's more than enough people out there that do NSFW content. Check out their stories. Please. I'm sure they would love your interest.

Roleplay: Not an option. Don't ask. I'm way too controlling of plots and characters. Again, I'd hate to disappoint you with my lack of desire to "OwO What's this? notices your bulge" If you're horny, there's more than enough people willing to do this with you.

I'm a furry that dabbled with writing for myself for years. I'm now writing fresh stories and re-drafting the one's I've written in the past.

Now, I'm sharing those stories here and on:




Twitter - Twitter is SFW with some 18+ shenanigans.

NSFW Twitter to discuss and post notifications for my stories: WillemTobey_AD

If you enjoy my stories, let me know. Feedback is appreciated. These are kind of rough drafts. I'd like to get finalized versions for sale. Maybe. I wouldn't sell them for much if I did.

While my stories are not filled with fluff (lewd NSFW moments), there is varying amounts of coarse language, violence, gore, and fluff. Mature audience is preferred just in case. More wholesome stories are in the works.

I'm more socially active on Twitter. No offense to sites like this, but I find it hard to have a normal conversation here. I'd like to be more active on Discord because I prefer the chat layout (as opposed to the character limits on tweets and the cramped DM screen), but not a lot of people I follow use it. If you want to contact me on Discord, my username is WillemTobey#2826

Linked to Ko-Fi. Any support is greatly appreciated.

Any monies donated through this channel will be deposited into a savings account for a charity project I'm working on. Details coming.

My fursona is listed in my journals.

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What I've Done

I'm soooox10^infinity sorry. Time has slipped through my fingers faster than an artist's 3D cum rendered for the first time in Blender.

Work has my mentals in a bind still. I get home and immediately flop down and stare at YouTube videos for hours until I pass out. I'm sleeping better so I guess that's a plus (THANK YOU CBD gummies w melatonin!). On my weekends, I feel so powerless to get out of bed and... DO something. I want to get back into writing, but I've done a lot of thinking and I buggered up some things in my current story. I've neglected certain things and my written notes from xx years ago are discombobulated. I have to stretch some time out and retcon something (I may have to re-read what I've posted to ensure this is the case).

Life update: I'm looking for a new job. That means relocation, pay decrease, and starting over. New job may or may not be better on me than my current one. The pay decrease is meh but I've still a minimum wage in mind. Starting over scares me. Relocating will be good, though. My friends want to start working on music again - which fits perfect for my future plans. Now... I just need to take all these puzzle pieces and CRAM them together to make something.

I'm not dead. I'm clinging.

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