sweet dreams are made of this by Widdershins

sweet dreams are made of this


3 November 2014 at 22:30:15 MST

Commission done for Darkspot as a birthday gift for her friend Thorai featured their characters in steampunk theme.

Loved designing clothes, accessories for this one and also making experiments with many different kind of textures :>
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    Oooo this is pretty! I like how the lovely brown and rusty steampunk color scheme is broken up toward the top to tie in the characters' colors and draw attention to their faces 8D Also gee whiz nice work with the dragon's skirt, as well as the intricate mechanical/metal details!

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      Thank you!
      I did my best and had overjoyed that my client allowed me to design actually everything on the characters and that also made the work for me more smooth and easy. Obviously I loved the most to work with the faces, since I really love both of the characters design and was a honor to me to be the one asked for this particular theme and commission :>

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      I didn't notice those until you pointed it out, I guess I have to pay more attention.

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    I absolutely LOVE steampunk, and the color pallette, characters, and detail in this picture has made it one of my absolute favorites!

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      This one was a great fun to work with, as I got free hand desinging the clothes, get shape of the steampunk theme and the ladies I got to work with I absolutely adored they have fantastic designs!
      I had so much fin with this one really, and my client was a real sweetheart so I absolutely wanted to give my best to her and her friend :>

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