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30 September 2014 at 12:21:07 MDT

Fake screenshot commission done to kur0 - I start to enjoy these and they finally start to look like really from an animation, and they force me to practice more backgrounds which were always my weakness!

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    Woah I love these! Reeeeally looks like a still from an animated movie~

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      Thank you!
      Took me some time to figure out how to get the feel of an animation an I also put my own standards for it high as I sticking to full background illustration (Miyazaki movies inspire me for these) but glad I finally could reach the feel :>

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    My gosh I thought this might have been part of an animation project! The captivating colors arr almost reminiscent of jennadelle's screenshot commissions but I like the style of this so much more!

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      Haha animation is something which will be always a kind of dream of mine, no any knowledge of it, but sometimes its nice to give this dream a static vision from my pen!
      Also these works helping a lot to me to improve my backgrounds which still my weakness especially compose it with characters together but every art makes me feel closer to be more natural with it :>
      Is jennadelle still active? I remember her name from years ago but I lost her from sight by today

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        I can relate! I wanted to be an animator for as far back as I can remember. I still have a soft spot for it and spend a lot of time scouring youtube for independent animations as I feel 2D is becoming a lost art form. I have come across some amazing 3D blend animations as well. If yer ever bored and want me to bombard you with links let me know hahah~!
        As for Jennadelle she is somewhat active and has an FA account by the name of commissionsbyj

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          Oh thats her?
          I know that artist and fan of their scene artworks since I found their gallery.
          She is one of the inspiration for me, but I want to do my own scenes separately like my own over copy someone else, but her works inspired me to keep going as the more practice I gather the more smooth it will be and I want to make my sceneries remarkable and connected to me - for now it is still in experimental stage :>
          I miss the good 2D animations, so it is always nice to see some on the horizon (not these ugly flash animated series overfilling the market now)