Blade Under Mask: The Devil in Spectacles by WhiteMantis

Blade Under Mask: The Devil in Spectacles


15 September 2014 at 21:59:07 MDT

"Asami, how many times must I... HGGRRRR!!! Do not enter the store smoking!"
"Oh Mr. Satou, don't blame my pipe for your low quality spoiled merchandise."
"Listen here, old hag, if you doubt my product, you can go BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE!"
"That's not how you treat a customer, Mr. Satou."
"You're not a customer, Asami, you're THE DEVIL IN SPECTACLES!"

The poor Mr. Satou is a honeybee who owns a spice store in City of Wood, which Asami is a frequent customer. Even though she always buys there, she makes sure she disdains his merchandise as much as possible before purchasing it, in order to receive discounts!



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    Wonderful expressions, and I love all the detail in the background.

    Mr. Satou appears to be enormous. Are honeybees normally this large in comparison to others, or is he a particularly exceptional individual?

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      i cannot but think a paraphrasing needs to be made here... something about him not really being that big, and it's all that fluff that makes him look all poofy ;)

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    He's so fluffy!

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    He is a massive bee, he must be very old. Poor thing, must get so many headaches from her.

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    Poor Mr Satou

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