Blade Under Mask: Back Home by WhiteMantis

Blade Under Mask: Back Home


13 September 2014 at 20:04:38 MDT

"Welcome home, Nae!"

Nae, who is known to her clients as 'Asamitsu', works as a maiko during the night, every night. Asamitsu's work begins in the early evening and lasts until dawn. In a single night, she brings her presence to varying engagements, which can range in size from private one-on-one sessions with customers to grand parties, where other geisha or maiko would join her as well.

Asamitsu returns home as the sun is rising, and is greeted by a cheerful (as the somber early morning light allows her to be!) Miyo, who helps Asamitsu get ready to become Nae again. Nae sleeps until noon and then resumes her daily activities until it is once again time to wear the mask that is Asamitsu, for another long night.



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    I love the composition of this piece, it gives a lot of emotion to the characters outside of their expressions. Doesn't hurt that the characters are adorable as well.

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    Wow that's beautiful, it's successful, detailed, pretty atmosphere with colors. You did an amazing work.

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    So cute and emotional, such a beautiful background and atmosphere. Really magnificent stuff, absolutely lovely everything.

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    The composition in all of your pieces is absolutely breathtaking, holy cow.

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    This is gorgeous, as other people have stated, the composition is incredible.