Explosive Work by Volt Siano

Explosive Work

Volt Siano

14 July 2018 at 15:48:48 MDT

It's, uh... Smacks lips ...very brown. Or very red, as I've been told otherwise.

The human on the left is another character I made for the RP server. He's Sylphius, Sylas' master (not slave master; Sylas is an apprentice to Sylphius).

While in another town with his master, Sylas noticed a man being attacked and overwhelmed. The otter helped the man out of his situation, but soon realized that he had helped a thief escape from those who were trying to stop him. The apprentice hid out in his hotel room for the rest of the day, but was discovered by the captain of the guard either way. The captain was understanding, however, and realized that Sylas had intended to good by helping the attempted thief. He let the otter be, suggesting that he lay low for a bit until people stopped looking for him.
Sylphius, who had just returned from gathering local resources, recommended that they create some sort of way for Sylas to defend himself in case the guards find him. Their efforts in using the newly-gathered materials yielded... explosive results.

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    I hope the wall stays intact! XD

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      A bit of soot and about an inch thinner, but nothing that a fine inventor can't pay off.

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        Let's hope so! XD