Le Me, Doing What I Do by Volt Siano

Le Me, Doing What I Do

Volt Siano

20 January 2018 at 20:29:00 MST

Actually, it's four mes doing what I do!
I intended for this to be my new banner image, but I'm not really sure how to make that happen just yet... This image right here would only take up about 20-25% of the banner space, and that means I have 75-80% left to fill, sooooooo... yeah....
Hopefully I'll figure it out; I'm thinking of ways to do that even as I write this.

(Dude, the word "me" was not designed to be pluralized...)

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    I cannot tell you how often I wish I COULD duplicate myself! XD

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      It'd be incredibly handy for coaching, or for managing the kids' section at the library! And, obviously, for whatever else you're thinking of right now.

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        Or sending one of the clones to go to work and I can sleep all day! XD

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          That'd be fun! So long as they don't feel like staying home also.

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            That is true! XD

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    This could use some trampoline!