Diamond Sword - Basic Frame by Volt Siano

Diamond Sword - Basic Frame

Volt Siano

16 October 2017 at 10:14:01 MDT

There's a Halloween event going on in my area this month, and I figured it'd be fun to cosplay in suit for at least one night. Considering my affinity for Minecraft, it only seemed logical to go as Steve?. I got the jeans, and a solid blue shirt was easy enough to find; the last thing I need is a diamond sword to complete the look.
I would have bought one from a store, but I wasn't about to pay twenty bucks for a piece of foam. So, I decided to build my own. It's a bit cheaper, and it gives me something to do other than staring at a screen and move my fingers.

The materials you see utilized in this picture are foam core poster board, as well as good ol' hot glue.

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    You might want to use black bits to smooth out the handle - if you leave it in blocks it's gonna be uncomfortable to hold, even made out of foam.

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      Black bits? Not sure what those are...
      Regardless, I think that my fursuit paws should be enough on their own; thanks for the tip, though!

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        I just mean adding more black squares onto the border of the handle and slicing them at the corners to smooth it - black would keep it from ruining the appearance of the rest of the sword

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    I remember when we had our Minecraft program for the kids....................all they wanted to do was make the swords--then fight with them. XD We just did it out of cardboard, though, and wrapped tape around the handles for the kids. :)

    Have fun! :D

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      Hope no one got too hurt. ^^

      Surw thing!

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        I think they were just rowdy. XD

        Yay! :)