Diamond Sword - One Side's Finished! by Volt Siano

Diamond Sword - One Side's Finished!

Volt Siano

20 October 2017 at 20:59:42 MDT

Uh, boy; the painting process makes the initial construction feel like a breeze. Welp, all that's left now is the opposite face and the edges. I've got a decent method worked out now, so it should go a bit faster; let's just hope it'll be done within a week!

Apple Barrel acrylic paint is what I used here; nothing special, but it works well and is quite inexpensive!

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture

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    This looks like it could be official Minecraft merch, that's awesome! Are you going to use anything to seal the paint after it dries?

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      Should I?

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        I don't know. Me personally, I like sealing paint for the peace-of-mind that it won't come off as easily. If you don't think it'll be taking much of a beating or have to face the elements, then it probably isn't necessary.

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          It's more for show than anything; I don't plan on bringing it to any duels. X]

          Thank you, though!

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    It’s looking really good! :)